The Play’s the Thing

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I was a theatre major way back in the day, and my first writing success was as a playwright.  I drifted away from it when I found out novels pay better, but now and then I get the urge to go back.  It’s usually sparked by attending a live performance.  So last week I saw Winding Road Theatre’s dynamic production of “Cabaret.”  Forget the film version–the stage show will send chills up your spine when done right, and believe me, this was done right.

No, I don’t have any plans to sit down and write another play.  I’ve just started a new novel, and I have two musicals sitting on the shelf because they are so blasted hard to market.  The only way to sell a play is to get it produced, and I refuse to produce my own stuff.  As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m a lousy producer, and my plays deserve someone better.  But seeing that kind of energy, that kind of artistry, up on the stage…it did bring back memories.  One of these days…


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