So what is “Aztec Eagle” about, you ask?

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You may have noticed, the copy on a book’s cover doesn’t always give a true picture of what’s inside. Or maybe it’s just a little short. So what do I, the author, think this novel is about?

“Aztec Eagle” follows Enrique Aguilar, a young boy from Puerto Penasco (Mexico) who dreams of escaping his life of poverty and joining the interstellar Peacekeeper Pilot Corps. With fierce determination, he polishes the skills he needs to succeed: math, science, and an extraordinary psionic gift. This extrasensory perception makes him an ideal candidate for a neural implant bonding pilot and plane. But it can’t spare him treachery and betrayal as he struggles to attain his goal. Nor can it keep him from making questionable decisions as he drags three friends along on an escapade that endangers their lives, and his future.

I hope that peaks your interest. “Aztec Eagle” is available from Jumpmaster Press in prints (ISBN 978-1-958448-02-01) or eBook (ISBN 978-1-958448-16-8) format.


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