“Respite” and the science of aging

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This morning I was listening to my local NPR station, and what were they airing but a piece called “What if Aging Wasn’t Inevitable? the Quest to Slow or Even Reverse Aging.”  The timing of this piece was brilliant, because I just received my author copies of the March/April issue of Analog containing my story “Respite.”  In it, the main character is the beneficiary of such science and has lived nearly a thousand years.

The NPR piece suggests that delaying aging may be “closer to science than to science fiction.”  I didn’t get to hear the whole piece, but listener responses to the idea of extending human life by a hundred or more years were surprisingly negative.  I suggest you give the show a listen on YouTube, then read “Respite” and see how the character there feels about having lived so long in a body that has never aged past 40.  Are the concerns of NPR listeners reflected in him?

As of this writing, the March/April issue containing “Respite” isn’t on the website yet, but it should be there shortly.


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