Nice review of “Invasive Species”

Written By: catherinewells | Categorized In: Short Stories

I was so pleased to receive an email from fellow Analog writer Guy Stewart praising my novella “Invasive Species” that is running in the March/April 2021 issue of Analog.  He said, in part, “I thought it was both fascinating and moving.  As an ANALOG writer myself, I read every issue with a somewhat critical eye; rarely just for enjoyment, but to be surprised by NEW IDEAS. “Invasive Species” had a new idea — but you didn’t get “lost” in the idea; the story was compelling …”

He ended the email by saying, “I’m sure I’ve enjoyed your stories in ANALOG in the past. But this one hit my heart and startled my mind…”  That’s my ambition in life:  to tell stories that hit people’s hearts, and make them think.


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