Enrique Speak-ay

Written By: catherinewells | Categorized In: Enrique

Hola, amigos!  Enrique Aguilar here.  Ooo, the seat is still warm–very nice, Ms. Wells, thank you.  I just wanted to say hello and how glad I am you stopped by.  I can’t stay long myself–no, not because this nice lady is going to throw me out of her chair, even if she did threaten to do that–but because I’m headed out to [mmmffmph]–  What do you mean, I can’t tell them where I’m going?  —  All right, all right.  So I am NOT going off planet, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably an agent of the Alfian Underground.  Is that better?

Uh-oh, I don’t have to be psionic to know she’s not happy with me.  That look in her eye sounds gunmetal blue.  Or maybe it smells gunmetal blue.  #%&@ synesthesia!

Hasta la vista, baby!


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