Enrique had a better week …

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Enrique here again.  My author had kind-of a rough week at work, and while she hasn’t resorted to the blue beer yet, she didn’t feel like posting anything.  I had a better week, so I thought I’d post instead.

Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know about me:  I like to dance.  Not ballet or anything like that, just, you know–dance.  With girls.  When I was a kid–twelve, thirteen–I used to hang around one of the tourist cantinas and serve drinks for tips.  That’s where I learned, if you can dance with the American ladies–older ladies especially–you can make really good tips.  And it’s fun!  Waving your arms around, stomping your feet–  I used to make up my own dances and give them funny names and teach them to the gringas.  They loved it, and I made a pocketful of cash.  It was better than doing card tricks, because someone was always sure I was cheating at cards.  I got thrown out of a few places because they thought I was scamming the customers.  And technically, I guess I was, because my psionic gift is like 95% accurate, so I always knew what card was in their hand.  Well, almost always.  I literally lost my shift one time–a really stupid bet.  So there I was, this skinny kid walking home with no shirt, and the breeze off the ocean…

Aw, man!  Now I’m getting nostalgic for the ocean.  When you grow up with that smell every day…  You’ll never guess where I am now.  Right now.  I’m in North Dakota.

It’s a long story.  And my author would kill me if I told you.  She hasn’t published that one yet.


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