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Two and a half months?  I haven’t posted in two and a half months?  Egad!  I’ve been a busy girl.  We signed up last minute for a cruise up the wine coast:  San Diego to Vancouver.  Then realized we had let our passports expire.  So we did a lot of rushing around and paid extra money to get them renewed in time to go.  Yes, children, you need a passport to go into Canada.  But it was well worth the effort and expense.  We had fabulous weather every day, not a drop of rain!  Okay, so we did have gale-force winds on one of our sea days and they wouldn’t let anyone on deck, but I’m proud to say I weathered it all without any motion sickness, and all I took was a couple of ginger root capsules.  As long as I could sit at a window and look out, I was just fine.

Now summer is hard upon us with temps over 100 degrees.  It’s Tucson, baby.  I’m ready to go cruising again.


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