Autumn in Tucson

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Here it is, mid-October, and fall has finally come to Tucson.  From 5:30-8:30 every morning.  After that, summer is back.

But I know the holiday season is just around the corner, because we are working on holiday songs with our band. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (yeah, that’s a stretch) and White Christmas.  (Hey, it could happen.  In fact, it did happen, once.  Nineteen eighty-something.)

Enrique doesn’t like cold weather.  The cold of a jet at 30,000 feet, fine; but the bitter cold of the canyons in the Crystal Desert … and yet that’s where he went once, to rescue a downed pilot.

Still waiting to hear about a contract on that book.  Oh, yeah, and the EPIC Award it has been nominated for.  As my friend Anne used to say, “Patience is a virtue.”  I always thought she was the one who struggled to be patient; turns out it’s me.

Enrique will be back soon.  Unless he keeps making those remarks about my blue beer.


Enrique speaks again

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Enrique here. I think I’d better take the driver’s seat tonight.  My author is sitting in her easy chair with her feet up, sipping a blueberry ale .  She works a full-time job, you know, and does the writing thing on the side.  Right now she’s waiting to hear if another publisher will pick up “The Crystal Desert,” since it’s been nominate for an EPIC Award. Let me repeat that:  Nominated for an EPIC Award! (She may be modest, but I’m not.) She also has family she tries to take care of, and friend she thinks she should see, and hobbies.  Did you know this woman took up the bass guitar a year ago, and now she plays with a band?  She told you that?  But did she tell you she wears a pork-pie hat with leopard spots?


Hey, this is kind of fun.  She can’t complain about me giving away anything from the book if I’m talking about *her*, can she?  Let’s see … She’s five-foot-two.  Really, she comes up to my chin.  Okay, maybe my mustache.  Pretty bossy for such a short thing.  And she’s into this stretching stuff with the rubber bands.  Resistance training, she calls it.  Does it nearly every day.

Except when she’s sitting in her easy chair drinking blueberry ale.  Have you seen the proof on that stuff?

Uh-oh, I think I hear the refrigerator door.  She had kind-of a hectic weekend, I’d better make sure she’s not going for a second ale.



Irony and “The Crystal Desert”

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At the risk of sounding egotistical, I knew this would happen.  Last year “The Aztec Eagle” was nominated for an EPIC Award, which is an industry award for electronic books.  So naturally, when epress-online was close to publishing the sequel, “The Crystal Desert,” they encouraged me to submit it for the 2012 competition.  I did, and yesterday the finalists were posted at and–ta-da!  “The Crystal Desert” is one of only three nominations in the science fiction category!  I’m so proud!

But epress-online closed its doors in August, so I’m up for an award for a book that was never actually published.

I knew this would happen.



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I should have known Enrique couldn’t keep quiet.  Give him the limelight, he starts to perform.  Where did he learn that, anyway?

“Hasta la vista, baby?”  He’s never called anyone baby.  Most of the girls he knows would smack him upside the head if he tried.

Now he wants to know if he can post again next week.  I’ll have to think about that.

He also thinks I should learn how to spell.  Hah.  Like he would know.


Enrique Speak-ay

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Hola, amigos!  Enrique Aguilar here.  Ooo, the seat is still warm–very nice, Ms. Wells, thank you.  I just wanted to say hello and how glad I am you stopped by.  I can’t stay long myself–no, not because this nice lady is going to throw me out of her chair, even if she did threaten to do that–but because I’m headed out to [mmmffmph]–  What do you mean, I can’t tell them where I’m going?  —  All right, all right.  So I am NOT going off planet, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably an agent of the Alfian Underground.  Is that better?

Uh-oh, I don’t have to be psionic to know she’s not happy with me.  That look in her eye sounds gunmetal blue.  Or maybe it smells gunmetal blue.  #%&@ synesthesia!

Hasta la vista, baby!


Succumbing to Enrique’s charm

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Okay, okay, Enrique has promised me he won’t give away any of his adventures as the Aztec Eagle.  So I’m going to let him say a few words.  Just a few.  He promised.