May 21st

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I made it till almost 8:30 this morning with all the windows open.  Then I could feel the house getting warmer, so I closed everything and turned on the AC.  Welcome to Tucson.

I’ve been editing a novel I wrote in 1997.  It’s amazing how things have changed in the past 15 years.  The Internet was new, and the characters use a dial-up connection.  People think one of the characters looks like Antonio Banderas because he has a ponytail.  Another character makes a joke about Loni Anderson.  Do readers today even know who Loni Anderson is?  I think they’ll remember the A Team, but I’m not sure.

Back to work.


Tiny Ants

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I’ve been scouring the ‘Net to see if the EPIC Award winners have been posted yet, and I can’t find them.  So on to another topic …

It’s spring here in Tucson, which means that any day now the tiny ants will start showing up in my kitchen sink.  The first time they appeared, we tried spraying under the sink and all around the edge of the house, but it quickly became clear that they were coming up through the drains, so spraying was ineffective.  Pretty much everything was ineffective.  The tiny ants had their trails and pathways established long before humans built houses, and I expect they’ll still be here long after our concrete and stucco buildings have crumbled to ruin.

The neighbors have tried various remedies, toxic and non-toxic (for we are an eco-conscious neighborhood), but after a few months, or a few weeks, or a few days, the tiny ants are back.  Myself, I have learned to keep a vinegar-based spray cleaner on hand.  When I’m through working in the sink, I spray all the surfaces with the vinegar cleanser.  I don’t know if it’s the acid in the vinegar or something else that the ants don’t like, but it keeps them pretty well at bay–as long as I don’t leave food of any kind on the counter.  A jar of honey with a drip, a fleck of orange juice pulp that didn’t get down the garbage disposal, and the tiny ants are all over it.

No, I’m not looking for alternatives.  I’m happy to co-exist with the tiny ants, as long as my vinegar spray keeps them from encroaching on my countertops.  Pax insecta.  Just don’t leave the door open and let the scorpions in.