Pre-Pub Price Good Through the Weekend

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Happy weekend!  For the next two days, you can still order “Macbeatha” at the pre-publication price of $2.99.  After that, list prices are in effect.


Macbeatha on B&N, iTunes

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And now it’s available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble and iTunes.  Woo-hoo again!


“Macbeatha” on Kindle

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The Kindle version of “Macbeatha” is now available for pre-order through  Woo-hoo!


Coming Soon: “Macbeatha”

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By the end of the month (September) you should be able to purchase ebook or trade paperback versions of “Macbeatha” from Desert Moon Press.  If you’ve read “Stones of Destiny,” it’s the same book but with better editorial control and FABULOUS new artwork.  The big difference, of course, is its availability in ebook formats of several stripes.  You can pre-order it through Smashwords at $2.99.  If you’re a fan of Celtic culture, or Shakespeare, read on Macduff!  (Okay, that’s a groaner.)  And if you want to know just how twisted history can get when conquerors write their own version of history…  Scholars now agree that Macbeth was actually a fairly good king who ruled in peace and prosperity for most of his 17-year reign.  At a time when most Scottish high kings didn’t last more than 5 or 6 years before being killed by a rival.


“Wastelands” audiobook now available

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Hi, gang!  Just heard from editor John Joseph Adams that the anthology “Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse” is now available in several formats here.  It includes my short story “Artie’s Angels,” set in a dystopian future with young Arthurian characters on bicycles.  (No, no jousting, although I was sorely tempted.) And if audio isn’t your thing, the mass market paperback edition should be available in early 2015.

And speaking of 2015…someone just pointed out to me that” Back to the Future 2″ took place in 2015.  Yikes!


And now The Earth Saver is out!

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Woo-hoo!  Just found out “The Earth Saver,” Book 3 of the Coconino trilolgy, is also available now.  Amazon, B&N, iBook Store, SmashWords, and maybe some other places, so check your favorite vendor.  Same for “Children of the Earth.”

And a special welcome to all the new fans who’ve signed up in the past week.  Glad to have you aboard!

I’m actually working on a short story now that’s a prequel to the trilogy.  Just haven’t quite figured out where it’s going yet.  But I’ve got some interesting characters I’m playing with, so no doubt something will come of it.


Coconino Book 2 Now Available

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I just checked the Phoenix Pick website, and “Children of the Earth” is now available for purchase as ebook or paperback from amazon.  I finished proofing the galleys for that last of the trilogy, “The Earth Saver,” before we went cruising, so I’m hoping it, too, will be on the market by the time TusCon rolls around at the end of October.  Hope to see you all there!


Paper is beautiful…

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Got a wonderful surprise on my birthday:  several hardcopies of “The Earth Is All That Lasts” showed up from my publisher.  Thanks, Shahid!  I like ebooks, I read them all the time, but there really is nothing like the trill of seeing your name on the glossy cover of a beautiful, thick, honest-to-goodness paper book.  Whee!

And they are so much easier to autograph than the digital version!  <smirk>


TusCon 40 is coming up!

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It’s Nov. 8-10, and I’ll be there, bragging about my latest short story sale to the e-zine “Intergalactic Medicine Show.”  It’s a near-future SF piece called “Into the Desolation.”  It will run sometime next spring, probably the March issue, but I’ll post when I have the definite info.  It takes place in a small desert town on the edge of The Time Wastes, where time has fractured and you never know when you’ll wind up.

TusCon is a great little con, not huge so you get a more intimate experience, a chance to visit with the pros, take part in the costume competition, etc.  Find out more here:

I’ll be on a two-part panel on time travel–very apropos, considering the story I just sold!  Oh–and Part II is on Friday, while Part I is on Sunday.  Should be interesting.

I’m also tickled that my trilogy will be coming back into print early next year.  “The Earth Is All That Lasts” is in process, and I’m proofing the galley for “Children of the Earth” now.  Again, no definite pub dates yet, but I’ll post when I have them.

See you at TusCon!


Coming up for air

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I cut 16,000 words out of the novel I’m editing, and now I need to let it sit for a while.  I also just got the digital galley for “The Earth Is All That Lasts,” which is coming out as an ebook from Phoenix Pick, and I’m…stalling before I start on it.  Just don’t feel like getting my head into that today.  And I’m still fiddling with the ending of a short story and have to let that rest again, too.  So what better time to post on my blog?

But let’s skip the writing topics and talk family for a minute.  Our younger daughter and her husband are opening a brewpub in Prescott Valley, AZ–exciting times!  More news when I have it.  And our other son-in-law is applying for a position in the same town.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have them all so close by?  My husband retires soon.  We’ll be able to travel more, spend a little time helping the kids with their exciting projects.

Writers never really retire.  Sometimes I get discouraged and think I should, but then I get back into a novel or short story I’m working on and I get all wrapped up in it again.  Then I know I’ll never quit.  Now, if I could just find an agent who believed in me who didn’t retired, die, or leave the agency….  Yeah, I know, helps if I put queries in the mail.  Another thing on my to-do list, right after proofing “The Earth Is All That Lasts.”