“Builders of Leaf Houses” in Dec. Analog

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Just got back from vacation to find my author’s copies of the December 2015 issue of “Analog.” Guess whose name is first on the cover! Woo-hoo! “Builders of Leaf Houses” is the first story in the issue, with a two-page spread of artwork. I’m dancing!

While this novella is a sequel to “Beyond the Gates,” you can enjoy it even without having read the novel. And then, if you like the characters of Marta and Shipner, you can always go back and read the book. It’s available in ebook and paper through amazon and B&N. “Analog” is also available in both formats.

What’s it about? It’s a “first contact” story between humans and Thinking Ones, a sentient species resembling evolved dinosaurs. Their leader Motherlove is beset with problems–choosing a successor, relocating her village, children born without inherited memories–when the humans show up to complicate her life.


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  1. Joel Martin says:

    I have several times attempted to relegate the December 2015 issue of Analog to the recycle bin. I have retrieved it three times and re-read your “Builders of Leaf Houses” four times now. It remains on my reading table today. What a fine and well done story with more attributes than I can enumerate. Please do that sort of thing again!

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