Children of the EarthMacbeathaMother GrimmThe Earth Is All That LastsThe Earthsaver


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Beyond the Gates

Desert Moon Press, 2015
previously published by Roc Books

On an isolated planet, science and religion are about to clash …

A graduate student named Marta defies religious authorities to guide an expedition to a forbidden continent. But retribution may be the least of their worries. Can Marta bring them safely back from Dhrusil-Matkhashi–the land Beyond the Gates?


Desert Moon Press, 2014
previously published by Four O’Clock Press as “Stones of Destiny,” 2005

“It must be said we all got what we wanted–Macbeatha most of all. And in the end, we all paid the price.”

A seer promises him success and the high kingship. But the old woman’s stones also speak of a Dark Warrior, a man twisted out of nature who can defeat even Macbeatha.

Mother Grimm

Phoenix Pick, November 2012, ISBN 1612421156
previously published by Roc Books, a division of Dutton-Signet, November 1997, ISBN 0451456599

In the name of science, they are using Twila in their experiments. In the name of freedom, she must escape …

In the Biodome, people are so terrified of disease they will sacrifice almost anything to avoid it.  But Twila refuses to be their sacrificial lamb.

The Coconino Trilogy

Mankind had once abandoned a dying Earth.  And Mother Earth did not forgive–or forget.

Two disparate groups have survived on a hostile planet:  the technological Men-on-the-Mountain, and The People, a band of primitives striving to live in harmony with the Mother Earth.  But those who fled are now returning, reigniting an old conflict.

previously published by Del Rey Books, 1991-93

The Earth Is All That LastsPhoenix Pick, 2013
“…an uncomfortably believable novel that reads more like future history than science fiction.” –Grand Forks Herald

Children of the EarthPhoenix Pick, 2014
Coconino and the Witch Woman had defeated the interstellar invaders–but now they had to conquer time…

The Earth SaverPhoenix Pick, 2014
The invention of new transport technology was Tana Winthop’s triumph–and a tragedy for planet Earth.


Time Travel Tales

edited by Zachary Chapman
Chappy Fiction, November 2016, ASIN B01NCDV4CK

Even catastrophic events have rules, though we may not recognize them.  In my story “Into the Desolation,” two people struggle to cope with the aftershocks of an Event that fractured time, leaving both pain and possibilities.

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse

edited by John Joseph Adams
Nightshade Books, January 2008, ISBN 1597801054
Now available as an audiobook.

Look for my short story “Artie’s Angels” in which a pack of bicyclists bring an Arthurian code to a dying world.

Redshift: Extreme Visions of Speculative Fiction

edited by Al Sarrantonio
Penguin-Putnum, December 2001, ISBN 0451458591

In this collection of short fiction, “‘Bassador” tells a tale of redemption from limited possibilities, where Powers use ignorance to oppress, and the rebels are librarians in black leather jackets!

The Doom of Camelot

edited by James Lowden
Green Knight Press, August 2000, ISBN 1928999093

What caused the downfall of Arthur’s kingdom? Leading this collection, “A Hermit’s Tale” is an historical take on the rise and fall of the greatest War Leader in 6th century Britain, as told by one of the few survivors of the Battle of Camlan.

Short Fiction

  • “Invasive Species,” Analog, Mar/Apr 2021
  • “Respite,” Analog, Mar/Apr 2020
  • “The Quality of Mercy,” Analog, Jul/Aug 2019
  • “Native Seeds,” Analog, Nov/Dec 2017
  • “Eil’s Coming,” Analog, Mar/Apr 2017
  • “Builders of Leaf Houses,” Analog, December 2015 – Readers’ Choice Best Novella
  • “Into the Desolation,” Intergalactic Medicine Show, January 2014
  • “Ghost Town,” Asimov’s Magazine of Science Fiction, April 2008
  • “Point of Origin,” Asimov’s Magazine of Science Fiction, August 2005
  • “Sysop,” Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Summer 2004
  • “The Sea-Maid,” Realms of Fantasy, February 2002
  • “Artie’s Angels,” Realms of Fantasy, December 2001
  • “The Nechtanite and the Inforat,” Analog, October 2000