And six weeks later…

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Whew! Just returned from a 5.5 week road trip with my husband, visiting relatives, seeing sights, and mostly getting out of Tucson for the hottest month of the year. I took along a stack a promotional bookmarks to give out along the way–unfortunately, I first forgot about them (I am so bad at publicity) and then couldn’t remember where I’d packed them! Finally, about three weeks in, I dumped out my bag of crocheting and there they were. So I did manage to give out a few on the way home.

We had a marvelous time, including a cruise to Bermuda that I recommend. As we traveled, we stopped at a number of wineries and brew pubs to sample the local fare and were generally impressed. We especially liked Chateau aux Arc in Arkansas, where we chatted with another theatre major–Hi, Elizabeth, be sure to send me your email so I can get you a copy of my play “Prisoners.”

It was a long time to be away from home, though, and we actually cut the trip short by a couple of days. Now we are settling back into a familiar routine, and I hope to begin editing on “The Aztec Eagle” this week in preparation for a fall (I hope) publication date.


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