Americans don’t like to play defense

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This is my latest insight into our response to pandemic:  Americans don’t like to play defense.

We’ve been raised on the mantra that the best defense is a good offense, so when faced with a foe, we want to attack it.  We want to send in the troops, bring out our handguns, slay the monsters.  We  don’t want to sit back in the bunker, wait out the siege, hide in our houses while the tanks roll by outside–we want to get out there and kill it.

But unless you have a degree in biochemistry, there’s not much you can do to attack this virus.  All we’ve been asked to do is play defense, and we hate that.  It’s no fun.  Wash our hands?  We’d rather dirty them digging the cursed thing out of its lair.  Wear a mask?  That’s like hiding.  We’re not afraid of any old virus, we’ll face it with our bare hands and bare faces and dare it to hurt us.  We’re Americans, we always win.

Picture this:  old Western, townfolk cowering silent in a cellar, hoping the raiders will pass by without finding them, when one idiot rushes into the street, guns blazing–and gives away the location of everyone else.  Please don’t be that guy.  Please don’t endanger everyone you meet. Wear the mask.  Wash your hands.  Stay at home if you can.  Respect those who are actually attacking the virus by falling into line and saying, “Go ahead.  We’ve got your back.”

I know you hate it.  I hate it too.  But we’ve got to play defense.


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