Welcome, friend! Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I am the proud product of a small town called Robinson in central North Dakota. I mean really small. There were 30 kids in my high school. I graduated top of a class of five. My dad applied for a good student discount on our driver’s insurance, and one of the questions was, “Are you in the top 20% of your class?” I said, “I am the top 20% of my class.”

I attended Jamestown College (now University of Jamestown), a Wells family tradition, and majored in Theatre. (You’re stunned, aren’t you?) I met and married an Easterner, and we moved to his home state of Connecticut for a few years. Had a couple kids, moved back to ND, moved on to Tucson, and here I am, a bona fide desert rat. I went from 90 miles from the Canadian border to 90 miles from the Mexican border.

Somewhere in the midst of raising kids and working, I wrote what would be my first published novel, The Earth Is All that Lasts. It came out about the time I finished up a master’s in library science and began a professional career. Several more books and short stories followed, including Mother Grimm, which was nominated for the 1997 Phillip K. Dick Award. The girls grew up and moved out, my husband and I started singing in the Tucson Symphony Chorus, and lo and behold, at the age of (mumbledy mumble) I took up a new hobby: playing bass guitar. I love it! I play in a jazz ensemble at church with my husband on drums.

I was delighted several years ago when ARC Manor publishing asked if they could bring out my backlist.  Tada!  Now you can get several of my books from Phoenix Pick.  “Macbeatha” (previously titled “Stones of Destiny”) and “Beyond the Gates” are available from Desert Moon Press.

I left my day job as a medical librarian a few years ago.  I enjoy hiking with my hubby and riding our tandem bicycle. I haven’t entirely given up theatre; I’ve written a number of plays including a of couple musicals and placed in the finals of a competition or two, but I refuse to produce my own stuff, so it doesn’t get done much. Why refuse to produce? Because I’m a lousy producer! My work deserves better than me.

I also write short stories and novellas, which are easier to sell.  You’ll find several in Analog: Science Fiction and Fact.  I was honored by their readers when “Builders of Leaf Houses” won the 2015 AnLab Award for best novella, and “Invasive Species” is a finalist for the 2021 award.  I know, it’s about time to collect these many stories into an anthology.

Before that, however, I have a series of books coming out from Jumpmaster Press.  “The Aztec Eagle” should be available in June 2022, with a sequel to follow in about a year. If you’re not familiar with Jumpmaster Press, I suggest you have a look at their catalog. If you live in the southeaster US, you might find them set up at a local con.

I’m glad you stopped by. Do come again!