Macbeatha rides again

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I just learned that the article I wrote on the historical High King Macbeth is running again today in The Independent, a British publication. Apparently there is a new movie of Macbeth debuting in London.

Where the the summer go, eh?

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I spent much of this summer traveling, first to the East Coast to visit family–oh, and take a cruise to Bermuda out of Boston–and then to cooler climates in Arizona to escape the heat. Yes, there are places in Arizona that are balmy during the summer months, such as Payson (tucked under the Mogollon Rim), Prescott (The Mile High City), Flagstaff (7000 ft.) and even Sedona (where Oak Creek Canyon provides shade). We visited a number of local breweries and wineries along our way, hiked and exercised enthusiastically, and I’m finishing up the season only a couple of pounds heavier.

I regret to report that I will not be at TusCon this year, as I have a conflict. But I’ll be thinking of my fans when Halloween rolls around–no one does costumes like the folks at TusCon! I hope to be back in 2016. I also regret that the re-issue of “The Aztec Eagle” (parts 1 & 2) has been delayed. We hoped it would be available this fall, but it looks like early 2016 for that.

Still waiting to hear when “Builders of Leaf Houses” will run in Analog. I’ll be sure to post when I know.

And six weeks later…

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Whew! Just returned from a 5.5 week road trip with my husband, visiting relatives, seeing sights, and mostly getting out of Tucson for the hottest month of the year. I took along a stack a promotional bookmarks to give out along the way–unfortunately, I first forgot about them (I am so bad at publicity) and then couldn’t remember where I’d packed them! Finally, about three weeks in, I dumped out my bag of crocheting and there they were. So I did manage to give out a few on the way home.

We had a marvelous time, including a cruise to Bermuda that I recommend. As we traveled, we stopped at a number of wineries and brew pubs to sample the local fare and were generally impressed. We especially liked Chateau aux Arc in Arkansas, where we chatted with another theatre major–Hi, Elizabeth, be sure to send me your email so I can get you a copy of my play “Prisoners.”

It was a long time to be away from home, though, and we actually cut the trip short by a couple of days. Now we are settling back into a familiar routine, and I hope to begin editing on “The Aztec Eagle” this week in preparation for a fall (I hope) publication date.

Happy Release Day: Beyond the Gates!

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The reprint and ebook versions of Beyond the Gates are now available from Desert Moon Press! Happy release day, Catherine!
–the Masked Webmistress


BTG cover flat

“Dhrusil-matkhashi is a wasteland. The soil is sterile. Why do you suppose we stay on this continent?”

Marta, a graduate student researching indigenous life on isolationist Dray’s Planet, discovers an animal that can’t be indigenous, but which can’t have come from anywhere else. The puzzle convinces the Children of the Second Revelation to bring two Unbelievers into their closed society. As the rival offworld scientists trek into the harsh desert to determine the creature’s origins, Marta stumbles onto another mystery: why do folk tales speak of roarings and screechings from the planet’s second continent, the uninhabitable Land Beyond the Gates? And why are the Faithful forbidden to set foot there?

Religious leaders will not sanction a trip to the uncharted land they deem uninhabitable. Marta must keep her expedition from coming to their attention, while keeping her difficult offworlders on task. After that, uncovering the secrets of the prohibited place ought to be the easy part. But they still have to live to tell the tale…


It’s baaaaack…Beyond the Gates

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Coming on May 1, the reprint and ebook versions of “Beyond the Gates” from Desert Moon Press! Then watch for the sequel novella, “Builders of Leaf Houses,” to run in Analog later this year.

Cost is $3.99 for the ebook, $12.99 for trade paperback, but you can pre-order the ebook before May 1 for $2.99 at any of the following:

Across the pond

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I’ve been contacted by a reporter from across the pond who wants to republish my essay “Who Was the Real Macbeth?” which appeared on Sarah Johnson’s blog “Reading the Past.” It’s in connection with a dramatic production “The Trial of Macbeth” that’s going up in London next month with a celebrity cast. Whoo-hee! Free publicity!

“Beyond the Gates” sequel

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For those of you who’ve been waiting (a decade and a half) for a sequel to “Beyond the Gates,” I just received an offer from Analog for my novella “Builders of the Leaf Houses.”  (No pub date yet.)  It contains the further adventures of Marta and Shipner and a look at Drayan culture through the eyes of Motherlove.  I was so inspired by the offer, I’ve sent out two more short stories in the past two days!

Into the Woods

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Happy Holidays to all!  We just got back from spending the holiday with our younger daughter and her family.  In addition to fabulous food and drink at Lonesome Valley Brewery in Prescott Valley, AZ, we enjoyed going to an excellent movie:  “Into the Woods.”  I’ve seen the stage play, and I thought the writer and director did a fabulous job of adapting the material for a family audience.  The movie is substantially shorter than the stage version, and some characters have been omitted, but the story and message still come through, perhaps even more strongly for being condensed.  Performances were excellent, too, but with a cast like that, how could you miss?

“Wastelands” on sale for $1.99

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For you last-minute shoppers, the ebook edition of “Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse” is on sale for $1.99 until Dec. 30, 2014.  Learn more about the anthology and where you can purchase it here.  It features stories by Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Octavia Butler, and of course, yours truly!


With Thanksgiving

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We just returned from our younger daughter’s house where we spent Thanksgiving with her family and other relatives.  As we went around the table saying what we are thankful for, I said “I’m thankful for my other daughter April, who worked so hard to bring my book ‘Macbeatha’ back into print.”  It was a multi-fold task, all of which she accomplished while suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease.  What a pro!  Thanks, honey, and glad you finally have a diagnosis and are seeing improvement!