“Macbeatha” on Kindle

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The Kindle version of “Macbeatha” is now available for pre-order through amazon.com.  Woo-hoo!

Coming Soon: “Macbeatha”

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By the end of the month (September) you should be able to purchase ebook or trade paperback versions of “Macbeatha” from Desert Moon Press.  If you’ve read “Stones of Destiny,” it’s the same book but with better editorial control and FABULOUS new artwork.  The big difference, of course, is its availability in ebook formats of several stripes.  You can pre-order it through Smashwords at $2.99.  If you’re a fan of Celtic culture, or Shakespeare, read on Macduff!  (Okay, that’s a groaner.)  And if you want to know just how twisted history can get when conquerors write their own version of history…  Scholars now agree that Macbeth was actually a fairly good king who ruled in peace and prosperity for most of his 17-year reign.  At a time when most Scottish high kings didn’t last more than 5 or 6 years before being killed by a rival.

TusCon, here I come!

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No, I haven’t misspelled the name of my home town.  I’m referring to the best little local SFF convention–TusCon–which takes place Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2014.  That’s right, Halloween!  I don’t normally dress in costume for TusCon, but I may make an exception this year.  Look for Daft Kate in her medieval garb…or Elivira, Mistress of the Dark…or…

Thank you, April!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to my wonderful daughter and editor, April L’Orange, for cleaning up my website.  Honey, I’ve gone through the tutorial now, and I think I can update some content on my own.

A Perfect Rant

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If you hang around writer-types for any length of time, you will eventually be treated to a rant on the decline of the English language.  We rant about everything from poor grammar to worse punctuation to loss and/or cheapening of vocabulary.  This is my contribution to the latter category.

Why is everything these days “perfect”?  I know what perfect means, and somehow, I don’t think it applies to my order in a restaurant.  Why is my order “perfect”?  What would make it imperfect?  Omitting the fries?  Ordering the wrong beverage?  And who is the server to tell me if my order is perfect or not?  Do they know who I am, or what I want or need?  Why are an evening’s plans “perfect”?  Could there be no better plans?  Does that make every evening that goes according to the plan a perfect evening?

“Perfect” has come to mean something other than “without flaw or defect.”  It has come to mean “appropriate” or “I approve” or even “that makes sense to me.”  Really?  So what do we say when we mean something is without flaw or defect?  Flawless?  (I swear, if a restaurant server tells me my order is flawless, I’m likely to get up and leave.)  What, now, is a perfect copy?  One that is an exact copy of the original?  Or simply one that’s appropriate to the situation?

We did the same thing to “awesome” back in the…80s?  It no longer means something that fills you with awe, it just means something you like.  We’ve taken the depth and the richness right out of it.  Diminished it.  Let’s go back to an adjective that is appropriate to the depth of feeling we have for things like plans to see a movie or an order for a cheeseburger.  Those things are not perfect.

They’re groovy.

“Wastelands” audiobook now available

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Hi, gang!  Just heard from editor John Joseph Adams that the anthology “Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse” is now available in several formats here.  It includes my short story “Artie’s Angels,” set in a dystopian future with young Arthurian characters on bicycles.  (No, no jousting, although I was sorely tempted.) And if audio isn’t your thing, the mass market paperback edition should be available in early 2015.

And speaking of 2015…someone just pointed out to me that” Back to the Future 2″ took place in 2015.  Yikes!

Sperm cells from skin cells

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I was listening to NPR the other day–I forget which program–and they interviewed a researcher who has successfully taken skin cells, treated them to make them blank like T-cells, then injected them into sperm-bearing places in mice.  The result:  they became primitive sperm cells.  The idea, of course, is to help infertile couples conceive, but the ramifications are…interesting.  The article pointed out that some enterprising person might collect skin cells from famous people, or even dead people (provided the cells were still viable), and create offspring for that individual.  Even without the individual’s knowledge or consent.

Wow.  Now, there’s a–if you’ll pardon the pun–fertile idea for science fiction if I ever heard one.  Stories about cloning generally start with an egg and involve the participation of the donor, but this…  You could snatch a hair, and if it had a couple of skin cells attached, you’d have your material.  The NPR piece talked about possible legislation to forbid making someone a parent without his consent, but that would just force the practice into the black market.

Hm.  What kind of a sleazebag would steal skin cells, turn them into sperm, and sell them?  And what kind of desperate or obsessive people would buy them?  Definitely a story in there somewhere, if I can just find it…

And now The Earth Saver is out!

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Woo-hoo!  Just found out “The Earth Saver,” Book 3 of the Coconino trilolgy, is also available now.  Amazon, B&N, iBook Store, SmashWords, and maybe some other places, so check your favorite vendor.  Same for “Children of the Earth.”

And a special welcome to all the new fans who’ve signed up in the past week.  Glad to have you aboard!

I’m actually working on a short story now that’s a prequel to the trilogy.  Just haven’t quite figured out where it’s going yet.  But I’ve got some interesting characters I’m playing with, so no doubt something will come of it.

Coconino Book 2 Now Available

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I just checked the Phoenix Pick website, and “Children of the Earth” is now available for purchase as ebook or paperback from amazon.  I finished proofing the galleys for that last of the trilogy, “The Earth Saver,” before we went cruising, so I’m hoping it, too, will be on the market by the time TusCon rolls around at the end of October.  Hope to see you all there!

Best little movie that was never released…

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Go rent “Odd Thomas” on DVD.  Seriously.  Whether you’re a Dean Koontz fan or not, this is a really well-done movie with lots of action, excellent special effects, and a storyline that will keep you fully engaged.  If you’ve read the book, you will find the movie a faithful adaptation, and if you haven’t read the book, you’ll just enjoy it as a good movie.  Not sure what complications kept it from being released in the theaters, but it certainly had nothing to do with the quality of the product.